Core Skates Technology

Nobody does it like Core Skates. Core Skates has taken skate manufacturing to a level other companies only dream of. Here at Core we have full machining capabilities which allows us to manufacture 100% of our skates in our own facility !

The new "Fusion" frame patented design wasn't just thought of over night. Did you know it was being tested for over a year before its release by some of the top quad skaters in the world?





Core Skates Technology

Core Skates Inc. takes pride in the products we manufacture, and we want you to feel comfortable skating on our one of a kind products.

At the Core Skates Technology Center located in Greentown, Indiana, we have full maching capabilities that allow us to produce everything in house. This means our skates are built 100% in the USA.

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Basic CNC precision Milling at 15,000 RPM
"Fusion" Frames half way through the CNC Process.
Liquid cooling CNC Machining
1st step in producing excellent products "design"
Our state of the art machining center where all "Fusions" are machined.







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