4 standard colors




Standard Colors



"Fusion" Frames

The new "Fusion" frame took months of R&D and years of testing. It has finally been released and is now available to the public. The most talked about frame is finally making its way into skating rinks around the globe.

Some of the key features include :

  • High quality aluminium alloy
  • Double action chrome jam trucks
  • clear polyurethane cushions
  • Hardned steel ground tin coated axels
  • 1045 steel zinc plated kingpins
  • 8mm (large) axles
  • 45 degree toe stop insert
  • Simple loose and tighten design
  • 4 Standard colors (blue, gold, chrome, red)
  • Anodized cushion cups
  • Raised pivot cups
  • A design like no other

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